Ambush Set

Lying in wait in the long grass. Pathfinders are trained to use all variations of weaponry including those belonging to foreign forces, here you see an operator armed with a Heckler and Koch (HK) MP5SD, note the sound suppressor on the end of the barrel to ensure a target is neutralised with less noise, it also helps to distinguish between friend or foe fire. Wearing assorted disruptive pattern material or camouflage uniform is not uncommon when working alongside partner nations.

Desert Mobility

Pathfinders operate in all environments, the desert being one of the most challenging. Utilising a fleet of specially modified Land Rovers commonly referred to as ‘Pinkies’ operators can penetrate deep into enemy territory on surveillance and reconnaissance (SR) tasks to locate enemy positions and track movement. The vehicles allow operators to remain self sufficient behind enemy lines for protracted periods of time before requiring resupply. The vehicles are fitted with an assortment of weapons including General Purpose Machine Guns, .50 Calibre Heavy Machine Guns, 40mm Automatic Grenade Launchers and Next Generation Anti Tank Weapon Systems.

Fighting Patrol

As the first shards of light break the dawn sky the fighting patrol is over. Pathfinders operate in the main at night making the best use of the darkness to move stealthily throughout the battlefield. This operator is carrying his personal weapon, note the 40mm under slung grenade launcher (UGL) positioned below the barrel of the rifle, he is also carrying his mission essential equipment on his back in his daysack or ‘grab bag’. Depending on his specific role this equipment will consist of a radio, medical kit, extra ammunition and demolition material for attacking high value targets, plus specialist surveillance devices.

Riding the Tube

Pathfinders employ a variety of techniques to insert undetected into enemy territory, high altitude parachuting being one. Here you see an operator jumping with a Military Tandem Tethered Bundle this highly specialised technique allows a person to parachute with additional mission equipment weighing up to 1000lbs. The equipment is contained in a giant tube that is strapped to the operator, once the green jump light illuminates the operator pushes the tube out of the aircraft and free falls from altitudes above 25000 feet down to his pull height, the operator then guides the canopy and the tube down to the ground. Military tandem masters are the very definition of the word ‘specialist’.